About The Council

What Our Organization Stands For

The DFW Brick Council members consists of independent brick distributors and associate members who are their suppliers.

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Become A Member

How to Join The Brick Council

Our members encourage and promote cordial relations among the industry. We promote the use of brick in order to increase consumer education.

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Why Choose Brick?

How We're Helping Shape The Industry

The DFW Council acquires and preserves valuable information relative to the functions, uses, benefits and accomplishments of the brick industry.

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Council Members

Dedicated to Leadership - Driven by Change

The DFW Brick Council holds meetings and conferences for the mutual improvement and education of members.

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The Brick Industry Is Committed To Environmental Sustainability


Utilizing Technology to Advance our industry

While many know that brick is a beautiful, durable material that lasts for a very long time, some may be unaware of just how advanced the brick industry is with respect green building design and sustainability. For example, it takes almost 70% less energy to make brick today than it did in 1970. More than 80% of brick kilns are fired with natural gas, and many facilities use fuels from bio-based materials from other applications, such as methane gas and sawdust. Brick is the first masonry material that can be certified for environmental claims from a third party source.

Brick is also made from naturally abundant materials, and is one of the very few materials allowed by the building codes to be reused in new building applications.

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The Benefits Of Using Brick

Brick made from clay and shale – some of the most abundant, natural materials on earth – and then fired through a kiln at up to 2000 degrees. The reason the brick turns into such a durable material is that the clay/shale unit actually goes through a vitrification process in the kiln, which enables the clay particles to fuse together.

The story of the Three Little Pigs is just as true today as it was when it was first told to children long ago. Research confirms that genuine clay brick provides superior shelter in three major categories. Fire, Wind and Moisture Protection.

Brick is a building material that has exceptional "thermal mass” properties. This means using brick means cooler temperatures in the Summer and heat retention in the Winter. The superior thermal mass qualities of brick have been known for centuries.

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